Welcome to Pískacie workshop.

Welcome to Pískacie workshop.>

It might seems as an easy process to manufacture the t-shirt. You get up in the morning, after a while of hesitation pick the right squeaking piece from the wardrobe, pull your head and hands through and you are ready to hit the streets. But have you ever wondered, what is the story behind this “piece of cloth”?

What is the story behind squeaking the t-shirt?

I visited tailoring workshop in Hlohovec, together with Majo, co-owner of Piskacie. This workshop is the place, where it is all “baked”. Piskacie as a brand can be proud of their story. T-shirts are local, made in Slovakia and upon principles of fair trade. Also the material is cotton knitted in Czech Republic and brought directly to the little workshop in Hlohovec, into the save hands of eleven seamstresses, while each of them has own precise task.

Cloth is measured from huge packages into required amount and cut to the shape of final t-shirt. Seamstresses are turning prepared shapes into the final form. Every t-shirt gets label, including the size and usage information. There is one last step to make. Leatherette appliqué is attached to the front side of the t-shirt, hiding squeaking device, fulfilling the brand name Piskacie(squeaking). After the t-shirts are ready, they find their way to the shops or right to your wardrobe by delivery company.


Eleven women in small workshop in the region of Trnava are able to produce up to 1000 pieces per week. Thanks to their hard work the whole family can enjoy squeaking t-shirts.


How did cooperation between Piskacie and workshop begin? How did it all begin?


With higher demand for squeaking t-shirts Majo and Silvia started to search for tailoring workshop capable to cover the whole production. They found it in Hlohovec in 2014, commencing this splendid cooperation ever since. We spoke about this collaboration and even more.


Tailoring workshop was founded in 2004, after the closure of clothing apparel OZETA providing job to majority of seamstresses in the region, including one mother and her two daughters. They decided to take destiny into their hands and to establish a family business. “At the beginning, there were the three of us. We tried everything – wedding studio, even man garments” describes Janka. She recalls as they used to work late hours without any time for rest.


“We have evolved greatly, since our cooperation with Piskacie have started” says Lenka about family business, tailoring workshop in the middle of Hlohovec. Piskacie has brought the increase in the amount of work and the number of seamstresses as well. “Our current state is eleven woman even though it is still not enough!” adds Janka laughing.

Three women from one family have devoted their lives to the tailorcraft. They are all apprenticed seamstresses and therefore can not imagine the other way of life. Even their colleagues came to workshop led by their personal feelings and according to previous experiences from OZETA. “At that time, a lot of women lost their job, many of our friends included. We know each other and are aware of their skills. It is better than employing someone without desire to work from Employment Bureau,” explains Janka. Katka, holding her daughter and another successor Emka, replied to my question about free time: “We do not have any as we give our job all what it takes. We enjoy it.”


Women are used to kids wandering around, most of them are mothers themselves and children have become a part of daily rutine in the company. ,,There is a playground in the workshop where kids can stay. They are being looked after and their mums can work at the same time,” explains mum Janka.


Currently, manufacture of squeaking t-shirts is the major part of the whole production of the workshop. Women are grateful and say, that they put such an effort into the work, because they like the t-shirts. They are fully dedicated to this cooperation. “Without Piskacie, we would not be either”.

What comes before that piece of cloth?


There is a lot of honest engagement behind every t-shirt, a story of women behind every seam, every appliqué, the story of women, who got their job thanks to Piskacie. Their work is fairly paid, production is local so you can wear your t-shirt without regret.


Wearing and supporting local brands and designers decrease ecological footprint in contrary with fast fashion, but for now let’s leave this topic for another time…

Text: Veroniak Pilátová