About us

Our cheerful T-shirts hit the market in 2013. They personified a revival of our childhood memories - of under-the-counter squeaky T-shirts from the ‘80s, of our careless childhoods, of twirly ice-cream and orange soda. Our collection soon became very popular with local designer shops, and thanks to the positive energy from all of you, we were allowed to continue to grow. The early authentic striped sailor T-shirts were quickly joined by plain-color collections, soon to be followed by squeaky sweatshirts, dresses, skirts and sweatpants for big and small.

From the very beginning we’ve been putting great emphasis on a local and responsible approach to clothes production. Every squeaky piece of clothing that is manufactured in Slovakia supports the job of a skilled seamstress, or some other pleasant human being responsible for your order. We buy fabrics straight from our Czech neighbors, or other European manufacturers who treat their employees fairly and mind the ecological footprint of their production and processing of textiles. We love cotton, which is why most of our products are made either from 100% cotton or a very cozy cotton-based mix, all in very comfortable designs. 

We also support the Zero Waste movement with our BEZODPADU collection, which makes further use of fabric leftovers from our manufacturing process. Our designers put together unique outfits that are unlike anything that’s out there. Their final look is the result of the current supply of leftovers, their colors, sizes and our designer’s creative state of mind.

On our website you can not only find products ready for shipping, you can also choose to wait for your favorite squeaky piece that will be hand-made to your order. Although most of us are used to receive our purchases straight away these days, we are trying not to produce unnecessary clothes that would eventually end up being thrown away as garbage. This is why you’ll have to wait a bit for some models. On the other hand, if you prefer a more personal approach, or if you want to try on different cuts and designs, we will be thrilled to welcome you at one of our shops, as well as one of our partners’.

It is very important to us that our fashion remains local in nature, and at the same time pleasant to wear and flattering to every figure. It is thanks to you that we can afford to continue to live our dream and make your lives happier with cheerful T-shirts that last more than just one season… We love that you love Pískacie.

Silvia & Majo