Visit in Piskacie: Zuzka Bartová, Wildflower

Visit in Piskacie: Zuzka Bartová, Wildflower>

Our next guest in Piskacie was a young graphic artist Zuzka Bartová. For more than two years she has been responsible for a playful design of brand PISKACIE. The result of her latest work can be seen in our new shop in Twin City Tower.

Zuzka told us a little about herself and her interests, described what does a creative work take and require. For further info visit brand Wildflower.  

Zuzka, why did you choose this name? Is there any connection to your work? 

In the beginning, I didn´t want to use my own name to promote my work. Wildflower came up spontaneously as we were with my sister thinking of an accurate name to express my production. It is cute, simple and catchy word.

You are self employed as you have mentioned. What was your journey to the graphic design?

I studied advertising art at the School of Applied Arts in Bratislava where I met the graphic design for the first time while working on various projects. At that moment I did not find it interesting enough to be heading in this direction, I felt more attracted to the classical drawing and painting. I applied for two Universities, department of classical painting in both cases. It was later that I started to engage myself with illustrations. Since I did not enrol at the University, I was working right after high school, later spent some time in the graduate training program and eventually found my way to the graphic design and illustrations. I went self-employed afterwards.  

Besides creative work itself you also take care of management, marketing etc. How does your schedule looks like?  

It is difficult to manage all tasks but yet still possible. At the beginning of each week or on Sunday I write down all responsibilities to sum up individual deadlines. I set myself a timetable, schedule for each day and try to follow it. Time management is essential. For example, right now I have to arrange the tax return by myself since I do not have an accountant. Speaking of self-presentation and portfolio, I manage webpage and social networks as well. 

Where do you create?  

I prefer working at home, in Topoľčany, there is a silence which I need to focus. Co-working and art studios are also interesting options which I might use one day but probably not for a long time.


Have you ever thought of working outside of Topoľčany?  

I have been thinking about moving, but since I have a boyfriend and we are living together I decided to stay in Topoľčany. I feel confortable for now and you know, there is always possibility to commute to Bratislava if neccessary. Basicaly, it doesn´t matter whether I am here or there. It is working even without my presence right in that centre of action. The only thing I miss are some social occasions.  

There is an pleasing harmony reflected within your works. Is the linking element important?  

Well, on contrary I find my work chaotic from time to time. It is neccessary to adjust to my client´s requirements and even though I try to satisfy both sides, my work varies according to the current request. Although I usually have a free hand, many clients approach me with the precise idea. 

Do you distingiush between your own production and production for clients? Do you exhibit? 

I publish my own work at the page Minty with the possibility of a purchase. Custom-made production ocuppies the majority of my time but I like to do some drawings occasionaly. I love doing what makes me happy and if there is a delightful project my hobby becomes my work. 

How and when did you start to cooperate with Piskacie?  

It will be three years soon. I had been following their work for a long time, loved their ideas and therefore decided to contact them. I was wondering whether they might be interested in this kind of cooperation so I sent them my portfolio. It was at the time of the begging of my freelance and with some short breaks our mutual cooperation keeps on going. We understand each other and I appreciate that.


Do clients contact you first or is it you to come up with ideas to offer?  

It is mutual, there are times when I initiate the cooperation and sometimes it is the client to approach me. Lately, I have been asked by a publishing house Slovart to participate in the bigger project about influential Slovak women who were the pioneers within their professions. They were looking for an illustrator and someone to cover the whole design of the book. Even though this concept is well known in foreign countries, it is the very first time this kind of project will be published within our conditions. It should be released in September which is a rather short time for actual realization. 

Does this project engage the most of your time? 

Yes, I am fully engaged in this cooperation, but I am also working on other things and it is enough for now. 

I know about your participation within many interesting projects in Košice. Could you tell us something more? 

I was asked by the agency to elaborate the graphic design production of event Leto v Parku (Summer in the Park). I have been working with Library for Youth for quite some time, including their events Čítajme spolu (Let´s read together) or Vianočná knižka sa otvára (Christmas book is open),I prepared a catalogue and covered the overall design production. Library organized an event called Book Park last year connected with a Conference for (un)usual parents. Participants of the conference obtained the catalogue, which served also as a note-book during various lectures and workshops.

Do you cooperate also with foreign clients? 

Surprisingly, once I was given an opportunity by certain Slovak via Minty, the page I have already mentioned, to illustrate the foreign travelling webpage and this cooperation has lasted till today. Design of the webpage has been recently adjusted by another designer which eventually resulted in very nice sync. Later, the foreign client contacted me to arrange a visualization of webpage specialized in a labour market opportunities. 

Have you ever considered cooperation with another graphic designer or studio? 

For a certain period, I was part of Malina studio, engaged in very fruitful cooperation, which I am very grateful for. I used to help them mostly with posters but currently, they focus on visual identity and logo. Anyway, who knows, we might work together again.

From time to time another graphic designer or agency approaches me (such as event Leto v Parku – Summer in the Park). This type of cooperation always brings a new perspective of work and I like it. 

Are you satisfied with your current situation? 


I am very satisfied, I do what I love ☺

Text: Martina Ráczová, Foto: David Hanko