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Zero waste

Zero waste
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When it comes to keeping our green-blue planet out of harm’s way, there is a lot we can do. The fashion industry is one of the five most polluting industries in the world. Quickly and cheaply manufactured clothes, often made by children from 3rd world countries, quickly turn into garbage. In the long run exploiting cheap labor, depleting our natural resources or uncontrollably hoarding textile waste is not sustainable. That is why in our production facilities we give a second chance to fabric leftovers, and let our top designers turn them into unique fashion items. Every single piece in the BEZODPADU collection from Pískacie is an original, with no second copy ever to be made. It really comes down only to the artist’s creativity and the current supply.

This zero-waste hoodie has been assembled for you by our designer Vlado Morávek. One size fits all, for more details see our Size Chart. Mixed materials.

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